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13/8 – Newsletter

Today i used most of the day trying to figure out how to send a newsletter. Well it more complicated than it sounds. It’s for a local cafe shop. A very down to earth place. It’s called “Cafe TID“. TID meaning time. They have a saying that’s like this: take a break in your life and relax with a cup of coffee. Many coffee houses does this but there is something special with this one. All the clocks in the shop are still. It’s just a big pause, anyway, now I’m rambling. I was trying to send the Newsletter, but it got really annoying when i found out that Office can’t send HTML coded e-mails. I guess it’s because of some security or something. That causes a lot of problems since i have coded a very nice newsletter in HTML. After a couple of hours i finally found a way. I found a shareware that you could edit the source code with. But with this program cam along another problem. When you send a mail with their program there is an add at the bottom of the e-mail. But luckily this was no biggie. I just sent it to my mail and forwarded it to the about 200 contacts. I’m very proud of that one, even though it was a fairly simple design. I might post it here sometime, but not now.
For dinner we had lamb chops. They were very good. The chef had done an excellent job (If you didn’t catch that it was me how made them :P). Then it was off too work. Working from 5 til 10 at a gas station. Not much to say about it. It’s work. But i managed. I just started for a couple of weeks ago. Today a sat a new record. Both breaking even in the registry and being out of the building with the alarm on just 5 past. It can’t be done better 😀
Then when a cam i have just been surfing the web. After this blog I’m going to watch the first episode of Heroes. A good friend recomended it and from what i have read it sounds very intresting. Vell wish me good luck 😛

Yours truly,




I caim over this funny joke and just had to post it! 😛 Hope you have a laugh!

Taking a wee break from the golf course, Tiger Woods drives his new Mercedes into an Irish gas station.
An attendant greets him in typical Irish manner, unaware who the golf pro is…

“Top o’ the mornin to ya”
As Tiger gets out of the car, two tees fall out of his pocket.
“So what are those things, laddie?” asks the attendant.
“They’re called tees,” replies Tiger.
“And what would ya be usin ’em for, now?” inquires the Irishman.
“Well, they’re for resting my balls on when I drive,” replies Tiger.
“Aw, Jaysus, Mary an’ Joseph!” exclaims the Irish attendant.
“Those fellas at Mercedes think of everything.”

12/8 – Grand Prix in Oslo

Today my dad had planed a day at sea. We were going to watch the Grand Prix in Oslo. For those of you that don’t know what this is, this is racing at the highest level at sea. It’s a race with pilots and throttlemen locked into air force looking security capsules in 42 foot boats with a weight of 5 TONS! (Metric) The boats are equipped with 2 x 900 horsepower racing engines that produce speeds over 250 km/t (135 knot). During the race they average a speed of 200 km/t! These machines eat 120 liters of Avgas (This is a High-octane fuel used for aircrafts). Spirit of Norway

We were there an hour before the race. Just enough time for me to find a pace to buy some food at Aker Brygge, but unfortunately the whole peer was reserved for ticket holders only! So much for having a big mac at MacD. I found a Thai Club sandwich house and bought some. When i got back to the boat the race was ready to begin. I shot a small video sequence from the start of the race. If you set your speakers on full you might get a feeling of how it was like being there! It was totally AMAZING! Didn’t make it any better that Norway’s best racer won, Bjørn Rune Gjelsten, with the boat Spirit of Norway(See picture, click to see full size). They have been supreme the whole week and was in the lead for the entire race. In 2006, Gjelsten (throttleman) and Steve Curtis (pilot), took all four world titles (World Championship, Pole Position Championship, Middle East and European titles). To win the World Championship this year they need to win 3 out of the 5 next races! A great day! After the race witch lasted about an hour i had to rush to get to work. We had one and a half hour and had no problem reaching it at 5 pm. I worked with Vegard today. It was fun! Time goes much faster when you work with someone, compared with working alone! Unfortunately we had some problems with turning on the alarm. It went of 3 time 😛 We finally got it and i was home at about 11 pm.

Standing Scours after todays race!

1. Victory 77 – 58 points
2. Qatar 96 – 43 points
3. Victory 7 – 40 points
4. Spirit of Norway 10 – 36 points
5. Quatar 95 – 20 points
6. Foresti & Suardi – 17 points
7. Spirit of Norway 20 – 12 points
8. Seveneleven 18 – 8 points
9. Negotiator 50 – 4 points
10. Foresti & Suardi 2 – 4 points
11. Jotun 90 – 0 points

(Source: Wikipedia)

10/8 – Poker night at Robin’s

I got an sms from my friend Robin saying he was inviting friends over for a poker night on the 10. My dad drow me over to his house at about eight.
When i arrived Robin was watching the end of “Saw” A god movie. I think the concept behind the Saw movies are ingenious, anyway. Didn’t take long before the rest arrived. We started with 100 kr from each. You also had an opportunity to buy-in at a 100 kr, even though nobody did this. We were 7 in total. That meant 525 for the winner, and you guessed it, 175 for 2nd place. We played for almost 2 hours. When i had an Ace and a 10 and “the flop” cam with a 5, 6 and a 10 i had to go all-in. Mostly because i had bad time. I needed to catch the buss. Then Adrian calls me. He was sitting there with a 5 and an 8. The turn comes. Its a queen, than god for me. The wait for the river was intense. If any other card than a 5 or an 8 comes i win. Quess what card comes. A 5. Just my luck! When i went to check what buss to take i realized the last buss lest at about 23.14. But then i wouldn’t be home before 1.00 AM. Tragic considering the drive is only 10-15 minutes. But i had luck, i called my dad and he said he could pick me up. That was great. A good day. Next time they said Ivar would host it.

Ace 10 Hold ‘em

First post!

Finaly i got my on. My webpage! It was about time! This is my first BLOG entry. I have been wanting to create my own webpage for quite some time and today i grabbed the opportunity and made it. Frankly I didnt have the time. This is hopefully going to be a fun experience, even though i wont always have time to write an article i hope small “snippets” will do the jobb too. In many blogs, ideas don’t require an entire article anyway. Blogging seems to make a lot of sense to me and will maybe be a fun spare time activity. Thanks for reading and I hope all my time and effort helps or at least entertains you on many levels. I will try to write as much as possible. Im going to post funny webpages, usefull webpages, what im doing, and everything else that belongs in a bolg

Yours truly

Anders Smily