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20/8 – First day of school

Monday and the first day of school. It was good to meet all my good friends and my classmates again. Looks like they all had i great summer. I know i did. I didn’t do much. Only a week trip with our boat. For the rest i have just studied for the drivers test and i have something called “Særemne” nest year. Basically it means i have to read 3 boks of the same author. I finished about 2 of Jo Nesbø’s books, Marekorset and Sorgenfri. The last one was ingenious i though. We didn’t spend a lot time on the first day of school. I barely had time to great them all. When i took the buss home i traveled with an old friend. We haven’t talked in so long so it was very nice to talk again. When i got home i installed uTorrent WebUi . In my opinion uTorrent is one of the best clients, so if you have it would recommend the WebUi. Even though it’s only in beta testing it works very well. Basically you can access your client from anywhere in the world and you can interact with it. You also make your own password. The off to work. This time from 17 until 22. Just a normal day. Nothing special happened. Except i got a phone call from Cathrine. She invited me over to her. She is a good friend that just moved into my neighborhood. We tried to build some drawers from Ikea. The first one worked very well. No problems, we were almost a dream team:P But unfortunately the second one we messed up. We thought it was Ikea’s fault. But after we got her dad to come help us he solved the problem. Very embarrassing. Now I’m going to sleep. It’s almost 1 am. G’Night!



Code name Gran Paradiso

Firefox 3 code name Gran Paradison is on the horizon!
It’s quite some time until it will be released but more and more details are released each day. Lately Mozilla has released news about their new security system. Mozilla is going to use Google’s security system for the new version of the browser. Right now Google are warning their users with a traffic light color system., it’s just an advised system so you can continue even though the page is marked red.
This is not the case for Firefox 3.0 says Mozilla’s security chief Window Snyder to TechWorld in an interviews. Firefox 3.0 Is going to check every web page that a user wants to access in Google’s database. If it’s “red”listed there Firefox will explain about this. But the difference here is that you wont get the opportunity to continue. They will totally block sites that are harmful. They do this to make their users safe and help them control whats good and bad. They didn’t mention what type of options an administrator will have to override this. Hopefully they will include a way to override this. It’s a great idea, and i can se many situations that it would be handy.

The new target release date is sometime in the third quarter this year.

Among the list of mandatory requirements, read, what is the most likely to be included in Firefox 3:

  • Improved interaction with Add-ons: clearer, more coherent language; less steps to install; more visible way to configure add-ons, probably to be moved back to the general Options window
  • A permanent restart Firefox button.
  • Support for remote bookmarks, bookmarks and history annotation.
  • Files could be handled by web services. They are probably referring to Writely or Google Documents, and perhaps the ability to redirect mailto: links to web email services. That would be sweet, i use hotmail myself.
  • A much needed print support to prevent cut paragraphs and true WYSIWYG tool (What You See Is What You Get)
  • The much requested MSI installer which will be a much welcomed improvement for IT administrators as it will ease deployment and updating of Firefox across a company.
  • In the security front: support for Microsoft CardSpace and OpenID. Smarter credentials handling.
  • Airbag, the Google backed open source crash reporting tool will replace currently licensed TalkBack.
  • A private web browsing mode. I guess this would mean no cache, history, password or entered form information storage.
  • Save web pages as PDF files, integrated with history. That would be just awesome!!
  • Support pause/resume downloads across sessions.
  • Make Firefox help accessible only while online.
  • Microformats support.
  • Unified bookmarks/history.
  • Support for Windows Vista parental controls.
  • Windows Group Policy.
  • Allow add-ons to be installed without rebooting Firefox.
  • Simplified interface to manage downloads.

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Source: (Mozilla wiki)

NTNU’s new toy!

NTNU has just bought a 7,5 Tflop computer!

This is possibly Norway’s and scandinavias most expensive computer. The super computer can handle 7,5 Tflops or 7 500 000 000 000 Floating Point Operation Per Second.
My name is Njord, super computerNjord. The supercomputer is named after the Norse god of Wind. It’s price tag you might say? 5 million bucks (30 million kroner), just for the computer and another 3.4 million bucks (20 million kroner) for the building its going to be in. They have invested in this supermachine from IBM, to calculate the weather, simulate car crashes (much cheaper than crashing real cars), and i guess it will be a nice toy for the students and teachers at NTNU. Half of the expense is covered by the Norwegian Research Council (Norsk Forskiningsråd) that also wants to play with it:P But why did they really need a new one? They have a coumputer that can calculate 1 Tflop/s. But it wase’t good enough for them. They might have felt that they were falling behind other private and government sector.

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Big update of Windows XP on the way!

SP3 (Server Pack 3)
Earlier Microsoft said they wasn’t going to release anything for Windows XP after SP2. The new server pack also known as: “SP3” vil be a big one. My source says that Microsoft has released a test versjon that only a small groupe of testers have gotten their hads on. Very few of the big IT-users has adopted Vista into their systems and are still using XP. This is very good news for those cooperations. XP is still alive! I have chosen not to upgrade to vista, because i believe that my gain will be less than my loss. This will certainly strengthen my decision! Vista has gotten two new updates this last month, but they were only 21 MB in size. SP3 will be gigantic. The test version that is being tested is a size of 350 MB!! It’s said that it will correct 900 errors in the OS (Operative System). There is no clear date yet for release. The only comment Microsoft has is that it will be released sometime in the 3rd quarter.

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